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Life in Prague.

A renter`s guide.

Part 2 - choosing right location in Prague.

When choosing the perfect housing, a location is the key factor. Prague is a very safe city, so there is no need to be afraid of violence. You only need to be careful so that you do not get robbed. Especially when travelling by tram in the city centre and generally on all main tourist hotspots. And do not leave unsecured expensive bikes in the basement!

In Prague, just as elsewhere in the world, it is pleasant to live near parks and subway stations and it is good to avoid busy streets. The list of the major places, where is good to live is enclosed. For each area, see its pluses and minuses as well as a simple map that shows you where the green spaces such as parks are and also the most frequented streets, where definitely stay is not recommended.

Prague can be divided either by boroughs (Praha 1, 2 and 3..) or by districts (Vinohrady, Old Town, Vršovice ...) We are using the breakdown by districts, as for the purpose of finding housing it is more accurate.

The following ranking is compiled according to the attractiveness of districts as perceived by the author.

Vinohrady, Praha 2

Vinohrady. + For foreigners who wish to settle in Prague, this area is certainly one of the best solutions.
Facilities - after the collaps of the communist regime, the Vinohrady was the place, were the expat community started togrow. Because of this, local residents are accustomed to foreigners so there is usually no problem with communication. There is a lot of very good restaurants and bars and compared to the Old Town and the Lesser Town the prices are reasonable.

Greenery - Riegerovy and Havlickovy sady are very pleasant places to stroll and relax.
To the city center - Although Vinohrady is a purely residential area, there are very good transport links to the city center (metro stations „Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad", „Náměstí Míru") and it is only about 15 minutes walk to get to the very center of the city. (Wenceslas Square)

Furnished apartments - because the area is traditionally popular amongst foreigners, there is also a large selection of quality, completely furnished apartments.
- Higher prices than in the outskirts of Prague.
If you do not like to live near by other foreigners, this district is certainly not for you as when you go for a walk through one of it`s parks, ever-present English will certainly be with you.

Bubeneč & Letná, Praha 6 - 7

Bubeneč & Letná, Praha 6 - 7 + This district is very popular, especially amongst locals, due to the overall atmosphere and the great amount of greenery, in two large parks Stromovka and Letna . The attractiveness of this area also highlights the good transport links to the city center (metro stops, Hradčanská / "green" line A /, Vltavská / "red" line C /).
In this area there are many embassies and residences of the ambassadors.
Very suitable for those who seek longer-term housing (more than one year) and who wish to be more integrated more amongst the locals and learn how they really live.
- The downside is lesser availability of furnished apartments. Most of the apartments in this area are offered without furniture, just with kitchen or fitted with old-fashioned furniture.




Nové město, Praha 1 - 2

Nové město, Praha 1 - 2 + Nové město is the actual center of Prague with all possible amenities that one could expect in the the center of the European city. Here you can find a good selection of furnished apartments.
New Town is "interwoven" by very busy streets with heavy traffic and together with the location in the valley near the river it causes quite often poor dispersion conditions. That of course has a direct impact on air quality and causes high dust and noise levels.
The location is therefore much more an administrative center than a residential district.

However, because of the proximity of the faculty of medicine, accommodation in this area is quite popular with foreign students.


Vyšehrad, Praha 2

Vyšehrad, Praha 2 + Beautiful, old park Vyšehrad with a unique atmosphere and a beautiful view over the whole city. Here was the first seat of Czech princes. According to available sources, the history of Vysehrad starts from the year 453 AD.
You can find here a good selection of furnished apartments, a good pedestrian access to downtown and many tram lines.
- Worse metro availability. The nearest metro station Vyšehrad ("red" line C) is quite far from the centre of the area (about 1 km) and part of the journey leads through park that sometimes isn`t as welcoming place as we would like to have it.


Dejvice & Hanspaulka Praha 6

Dejvice & Hanspaulka, Praha 6 +Traditionaly a luxurious residential district consisting mainly of nice large family houses. Very peaceful setting with a relaxed atmosphere suitable for family life.
- Relatively poor transport links to the city center. Exceptions are apartments in buildings around metro stop Dejvická, rest of the area is served by buses and trams.


Smíchov, Praha 5

Smíchov, Praha 5+In recent years, this part of the city developed greatly, especially around the Andel metro station, where you can find now modern or nicely restored buildings, a huge shopping center and several large cinemas, so nowadays there is everything necessary for comfortable living around there.
- The downside is, as it is in the New Town, considerable traffic and bad air. Rather than residential neighborhood is this area more an administrative center.
The exception is part Malvazinky and also part around the street "Na Hřebenkách", both nice quiet residential areas on a hill.


Staré město, Praha 1

Staré město, Praha 1+The most charismatic part of Prague, with its very unique atmosphere. Many luxury bars and restaurants. Very suitable for people, who come to Prague for a shorter period of time (up to 1 year) and want to fully enjoy the Prague nightlife.
Large selection of fully furnished apartments.
- Probably the highest prices in Prague. This is mainly due to the fact that a large part of the local housing is converted into apartments offered as short-term accommodation (1 day to 6 months) with prices almost at the level of hotel facilities. As well as high apartment prices, expect that the prices in the restaurants and bars will be 30% higher than elsewhere. The downside is also a lower availability of ordinary shops where you can buy food, grocery etc.. On the other hand jewelery shops and antique shops you will definitely find on every corner....
Also If you choose to live in this neighborhood, you need to be prepared for a fact that there will be a crowd of tourists on the street day-and-night as every year there are about 4.5 million visitors coming to Prague


Malá strana, Praha 1

Malá strana, Praha 1 +When we say "magic" Prague, we mean Lesser Town. Genius loci of this place is legendary. Here magic mixes reality with imagination. Mysterious Lesser Town palaces in the shadow of Prague Castle, beautiful park Petřín.
Today's appearance is what remained from the time of its greatest glory, which is dated from 1583 AD, the year when the Emperor Rudolf II moved with all his court to Prague.
- Really huge tourist traffic, high prices of everything. In high tourist season, the Czech language is rarely heard there. Maybe just from the McDonald `s stuff Cool.


Hradčany, Praha 1 a 6

Hradčany, Praha 1 a 6 + Beautiful small area that extends both in Prague 1 and 6. A large part of the district occupies the Prague Castle, where, as we know there aren`t many opportunities to accommodate the general public.
Parts of the district, where a property for rent can occasionally be found are: Nový Svět, Pohořelec and area around the Tychonova street.
- A small selection of mostly unfurnished flats, high prices.


Vršovice, Praha 10

Vršovice, Praha 10 + "Upper" part of Vršovice (around Kodaňská Street) is actually a continuation of Vinohrady, just a little further from the city center.
Nice and safe neighborhood, with lower prices than in Vinohrady.
- Worse accessibility as the metro station isn`t within reasonable walking distance, but there is a good tram service around




Žižkov ,Praha 3

Žižkov, Praha 3 + For many people this district can be the best solution. Especially the area between Korunní, Slavíkova, Jičínská and Seifertova street. Zizkov is generally not as luxurious as Vinohrady, but on the other hand it can feel frendlier or more relaxed and it certainly is cheaper.
Here you can find a very good offer of nice furnished apartments.
- The quality of your stay in this area often depends on the building in which the apartment is located. The composition of the population here varies a lot from street to street sometimes even from buiding to building. You can find here nice completely renovated houses next to unkept buildings in which it is difficult to estimate what kind of neighbours you are going to have...
For someone advantage for another one considerable disadvantage is the density of various entertainment facilities such as bars, clubs and pubs. One of the streets, where they are especially concentrated, is Bořivojova street, where some time ago I counted over twenty of them.


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Part 3 - Parking.


Realitní kancelář Praha. Kompletní služby včetně advokátní úschovy, odhadu ceny nemovitostí. Bezpečné nájemní smlouvy, cizojazyčná klientela, tipy pro majitele.

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