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Life in Prague.

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Part 3 - parking in Prague.

Parking in Prague. Parking in Prague just like in all other major cities, can be a problem.  
Prague center was built in times when it was not known what the word car means, much less that it was assumed that in the future almost each person will have a car.

Parking is therefore taking place mainly on crowded streets where parking for residents is secured on residents parking zones. Parking card cost 700, - CZK per car/ year. Some parts are also available for a paid parking for the general public. If for any reason you do not want to park on the street, you are goin to have quite a limited choice of suitable apartments as finding one with a reserved parking space in downtown (Vinohrady, Zizkov, New and Old Town) can be quite difficult.

The parking space is usually placed in the courtyard of the house / 1500,- - 3000,- CZK / month /, or in a designated parking space in the basement of the house / 2500,- - 5000, - CZK / monthly.

Most apartment buildings has no passage to the courtyard and underground parking is due to the complexity of such a project newly created only in a fraction of old buildings.
Exception make newly built houses, such as project Korunní dvůr in Vinohrady.

How to get a parking card?

Parking card

To obtain a residential parking card for EU citizens living in the Czech Republic it is required:

  • Passport or ID card.
  • A proof of residence permit* or a certificate of temporary residence.
  • A confirmation of vehicle ownership.

A proof of residence permit* can be issued by the Foreign Police. Every EU citizen has the right to obtain it (the process should not take more than two months).

To obtain a proof of residence permit* it is required:

  • A passport or other identification document.
  • A proof of accommodation in Prague district, where the parking card is requested (lease for an apartment or proof of accommodation).
  • A document confirming the purpose of the stay (employment, business, studies) or proof of health insurance ( insurance from home country is o.k.).
  • A photography.

To obtain a residential parking card for non EU citizens living in the Czech Republic it is required:

  • A passport with a (valid) visa or a passport and a proof of residence.
  • A confirmation of vehicle ownership.


To obtain a residential parking card for members of foreign diplomatic missions living in the Czech Republic it is required:

  • An ID card or a passport for EU citizens, a passport for non - EU citizens .
  • An identity card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A Confirmation of your residence in a zone where there is a parking card requested issued by the Embassy
  • A Confirmation of vehicle ownership.



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Part 4 - Terms and conditions.


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