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Life in Prague.

A renter`s guide.

Part 5 - Prague prices of the apartments, energies and letting agent fees.

Money make it!Avarage prices of apartments.

Very generally speaking, the prices of unfurnished apartments after complete reconstruction in the city center are around 200, -Kč/m2.
This estimation is of course very approximate, as it depends on many factors that affect the final price. (location, condition of the whole house , floor, elevator, or the presence of a cellar in the house)
Usually the smaller is the apartment, the higher is the average price per m2.
Therefore in Prague there is increasing demand for apartments that are suitable for sharing. They come out significantly cheaper than renting individual studios.


Avarage prices of house fees and energies


In the apartment of 50 m2 in a brick house with its own gas boiler you are going to pay for gas approximately 1200, - CZK / month.
But having sad that, it of course depends mainly on how economicaly you will heat through the winter...

Electrical heating costs around 10 -15% more than gas heating.
In an apartment with a central heating the price is usually similar to an electric heating.
For an apartment of the same size which would be „ normally" used (2 adults who spend eight or more hours a day outside the apartment) the average electricity bill would be around 900, -/CZK month.
Advances for household services (water, sewerage, waste removal, elevator, lighting and cleaning of common areas) are calculated per person. Prices vary according to quality of service between 500 - 1500, - CZK / month.
For new buildings the price for household services may be higher. They often include payments for the maintenance of the surrounding greenery, parking lots, and other services such as pool maintenance.

estate agent


Average letting agent fees.

A property market in the Czech Republic (Prague) lacks a clear structure imposed by the state therefore letting agents can set their own rules and its own style of work. Above all, we are talking about a commission for letting agent service.

Ideally, a commission for finding a tenant should pay the landlord to whom the agent mediates an income in a form of rent.

Of course, there are situations when a letting agent does a lot of extra work for a future tenant, in which case a tenant is the one who should pay the fee...That would be for example a case when a client for a lack of time, a language barrier or a lack of knowledge of a legislative background of the country asks an agent to find an apartment for him. He then goes through all estate servers and offers him only properties that meet his or her requirements, then contacts all owners or other agents and finally arranges viewings of all flats in one day.

In addition the agent negotiate with the landlord the best possible price and terms of contract, makes sure that the agreement meets the essential tenants requirements and really protect his rights. The letting agent can also help the tenant with taking over the apartment and converts the energy meters on behalf of his client.

In the case that you find on the estate servers or web sites of the estate agencies an apartment by yourself then the landlord is the one who should pay the commission.

In the Czech Republic these logical rules, however, aren`t often for different reasons respected and so quite often you can find apartments, where a commission for a letting agent pays the one who is interested in renting the apartment, although he has actually found the apartment himself and basically didn`t ordered any services at all.

The confusion often goes as far that the letting agent himself is sometimes not sure who is actually his client and whose rights he should defend.

Another distinguishing feature of not only the Czech property market but also for example the UK market (see an article in the Independent magazine here) are estate agents which charge a commission from both - the owner and the tenant. They simply follow the rule "Earn all you can." Most of them are estate agents from agencies, that are focused on expats relocating to the Czech Republic.



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The end


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